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July 14, 2009
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iDream by ishali iDream by ishali
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My dream? If you are thinking that I dream of little people you are wrong. I'm short myself, why would I want more littleness?

My dream is not becoming an animator like i usually say. My dream, and reason I want to become an animator is so I can bring my and my sister's (who really is just my best friend and childhood friend, and I'm her son's godmother to boot) stories. During the years we have known each other we have created many characters and interesting stories, now I want to share them with the world. That's my dream.

In case you still don't get it. She is the writer, I'm the illustrator. The paper that we are passing to each other represents the ideas and goals we share.

hai, since i'm feeling really random right is the list of people in that drawing :P

Aracelis Side (left)

from top right to bottom left

Benjamin: the one right by the wall, wearing turquoise blue.

Wanda Tao: The fairy in the dress. she has orange wings (in reality i messed up, she is a drigon not a shim. so she is not supposed to have faery wings ^^; )

Terra Gerais: on top of Aracelis' (the normal sized person xD) head

Marcial Montellanes: the one in a suit, he has black hair and wears sun glasses.

Felicia Rengers: the one with the tiny little orange dress with polka dots. she is blond and her "aura" is purple

Marfel Montellanes Rengers: he looks like Marcial but has blond hair. dressed in black with sunglasses.

Sirle: the one with the blue dress

Clow Cristal Saotome Star: of course i remember her whole name, she is one of Aracelis' first characters, back when we were 9 xD she is sitting on Ara's right shoulder. she is blond with a tiny red dress.

Isamin Di Koundledec: Like the name says, he is a prince (royal family members in our stories always have the "Di" in their last names. he is right by the phone, on ara's left shoulder :> he is the one with the little tiny crown.

Net: if you can see her well enough, she is wearing purple and is smiling.... but if with that you cant find her... she is right by ara's boob -_-

Reyfuss: he is the one wearing orange :D aaah reyfuss is an old character too :>

Samanta and Agona Montellanes Rengers: dont know wich is wich. one is pulling the other out of the monitor screen xD

Sakura, Ashirak and .... what was her name again...? oh great... Sakura's mom xD: sitting on the couch's armrest with their backs to you :>

now off to my side!(right side)

from top left to bottom right

Skarlette and Marcial: Marcial is the one in black, Skarlette is the one in blue. they are on the empty bookshelf

Hibari: on top of my head.

Monako Honey: on my shoulder

Kiniro Di Neojasper: on top of the bottle. he has black angel wings and a purple "aura"

Laous Di Domino: the one with the gold "aura" on my lap

Candy: on my knee

Cidra: comming out of the paper

Avory: on top of my drawing table, the one singing. you can barely see her but you can see her wings clearly xD

Apple: you can't see him very well. he is sleeping on Kanji's (my cat) back

Kanji and Beethobeen : under the table. the one with the green "aura" is Beethobeen, the other is Kanji. they were inspired on my pets xD they formed a band with Isamin (on Ara's side). Isamin plays the electric guitar, so does Kanji and Beto plays the drums :>

Cobra: on one of my chairs wheels :>

thats it.

Done in Painter X
over 10 hours and I'm seriously about to faint.
ArtŠIshali Perez

(heeey, i didnt notice there was a new plant there by the cupboard.....hmmm......)
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Bored-Kun Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2009
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This ones 'Made of Win' also c:
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thank you ^^
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I love the concept, the story, the art, everything! By far the best peice of art I've seen in a while- and trust me, I'm a browser!
ishali Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
thank you :hug:
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